GEOG3360: Urban environments: towards sustainable cities
Course Outline

School of Geography, University of Leeds

Dr Rachael Unsworth


This course examines the human and environmental impacts of resource consumption in urban areas and critically assesses the attempts that are being made to develop cities in ways which reduce environmental damage and improve quality of life both now and in the long term.

On completion of the module, students should be able to:

Outline syllabus:


Lecture materials

Form of teaching:

8 x 2 hour lectures (to include some discussions and exercises)
2 x 2 hour presentation sessions.

Form and timing of assessment:

A 2000 word essay on environmental problems and policies in a major city � to be submitted by Monday of Week 11.
A 2 hour examination � answer 2 questions from a choice of 5.
60% examination; 30% assessed essay; 10% presentation.

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