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Looking for professional GIS services from a leading UK provider? Our international GIS training is delivered via the Internet making it accessible any time, any place. We offer the highest quality staff training leading to an accredited postgraduate qualification in GIS. You're free to order term papers online in case you need immediate assistance with your assignments. Our unique selling point is the applied nature of the degree and the range of specializations that we offer, including: Here are the potential benefits for your organization: Your staff will learn the state of the art techniques in the analysis of data and the application to a variety of contexts. Click here to find out more!

Interested instead in shorter intensive courses? If you want your staff skilled up in a particular type of application or GIS package, we offer a range of short courses to suit your needs. Do you require a course on optimal location of facilities, crime mapping, developing catchments for retail or public sector, or a solution to any other applied GIS problem? We can tailor courses to concentrate on the specific transfer of skills to suit your needs and we can even incorporate your own datasets into the training materials to create a customized learning experience. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements or click here to find out more.
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Training your staff
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