Course Fees

The level of tuition fees will be confirmed each year. Fees for 2016/17 academic year will be:

Total cost for the MSc = £8000

Please note that up to 3 modules can be taken on an individual basis. The cost of an individual module is currently £850. If you have a specific order like "Could you write my discussion board post?", it's better to use a form at to delegate your assignments to professional writers.

There will be a number of scholarships of £1,400 to which you can apply to help partially cover costs. The scholarships are only available for the full MSc (three years) and the discount will be spread over years two and three.

Another condition is that you MUST choose the business, planning or developer stream in year two. Scholarships are NOT available for students taking the environment, health or remote sensing streams. Applicants are encouraged to apply to their employers for sponsorship in the first instance. Please download an application form for the scholarship and submit it with your application to the programme.

There are additional costs that must be paid separately:

For students living in the UK and Ireland (regardless of your nationality):

For students living outside of the UK (regardless of your nationality):

Please note that the above costs are determined by software developers and licence suppliers and may be subject to periodic change. Therefore, if you are a UK national but living permanently abroad, you must contact the local ESRI office for a copy of the software. If you are living temporarily abroad, then contact us to obtain the software from us. Note that local ESRI offices can charge quite high fees for a student version of the ArcGIS software so you are advised to investigate this BEFORE you apply with us. There appears to be no standard price from country to country. In the USA, the cost is approximate 100UD per annum for a student version.

One way of obtaining a 180 day license is to purchase one of these two textbooks (from Amazon or a local dealer):

This is one low cost solution if your local version is priced too high.

As a requirement of the course, you will also need to purchase some reading materials. Further information will be provided following successful application.

If you are a self-financing student, you can pay your fees by a credit card or set up a direct debit (if you have a UK bank account). The first installment may be paid by a cheque or bank transfer but subsequent payments must then be paid by credit card or direct debit only. You can pay annually or on a six-monthly basis.

You may have your fees paid for by your organisation, in which case you must provide a sponsor letter clearly stating how much the organisation are paying, for how long, your full name and more importantly who to invoice.

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