Programme Aims

The overall aim of the programme is to provide open distance learning for people working in local enterprise or public sector organisations who require core training and skills development in Geographical Information Systems, or for students who want to study in their own environment and in their own time.

More specifically the programme aims:

  1. to provide widening opportunities to pursue a postgraduate programme using distance learning materials and resources
  2. to provide learning and teaching experiences that are relevant to the work place and which use practical 'real world examples'
  3. to develop technical skills and competence in: data and information acquisition, extraction, management and analysis; spatial and statistical modelling; mapping and
  4. to develop transferable skills in the use of information technology, virtual working and electronic communication
  5. to encourage innovative use of information about customer markets that have a significant geographical component
  6. to increase awareness of GIS and modelling tools for improving competition and business potential.

The modules comprising the Certificate, Diploma and Masters programmes are outlined on a separate page with links to pages detailing the specific aims of individual modules.

Programme aims
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